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APEX $1999



OMEGA $10,999

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One-on-One Author Support $299 or FREE with any package
$Formats Available
Paperback $199 or FREE with any package
Hardcover $299 or FREE with certain packages
Ebook $99 or FREE with any package
Kindle $49
Nook $49
iTunes $49
Google Books $49
$Front Cover Design
High-Quality Full-Color Cover Template $99
Custom Full-Color Cover $299
Author-Supplied Front Cover Images $19
High-Quality Interior Design Template $99
$Interior Design
Custom Interior Design $399
B/W Image Insertions $29
$Back Cover Design
Custom Full-Color Back Cover $199
Professional Reviews/Endorsements $89
Professional Synopsis $79
Full-Color Author Photo and Bio $79
$Book Registration
EAN Barcode $49
ISBN Assignment $39
Books In Print Registration $49
Library of Congress Registration $59
U.S. Copyright Registration $129
BISAC Assignment $29
Author Coaching $499
Proofreading $0.018 per word
Editing $0.021 per word
Heavy Editing $0.03 per word
Publish-by-Phone $1399
Electronic Galleys (Proof) $19
Paper Galleys (Proof) $39
Alterations/Corrections $19
Global Distribution with Online Retailers $99
Bookstore Availability $199
Online Book Search Optimization $59
Worldwide Digital Distribution (eBook) $79
$Complimentary Copies
Ebook Creation and File Delivery $59
Complimentary Paperback Copies $7
Complimentary Hardcover Copies $14

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One-on-One Consultation $199 or FREE with any packages
$Print Media
Sales Sheet $49
Custom Excerpts $39
Postcards or Bookmarks $229
Business Cards $149
Posters $219
Weatherproof Vinyl Stickers $189
Promotional T-Shirts $14
$Online Marketing
Professional Press Release $89
Press Release Distribution $199
Google Book Search $69
Amazon Look Inside! $69
Email Campaign Set-Up $89
Social Media Marketing Set Up $89
Book Trailer with Voiceover $129
Book Trailer Distribution $79
Promotional Graphics $59
Banner Ads $79
QR Code (2D Barcode) $19
Proven Publishing Book Page $199
Standalone Website Design $699


Spanish Translation email us
French Translation email us
Audiobook Production email us
Book-to-Film Preparation email us
Promotional Items email us
Street Level Marketing $150 per city
Professional Media Kit Setup email us
Research Vetting email us
Transcription/Data Entry email us
Large Run Paperback Printing email us
Large Run Hardcover Printing email us
Full Color Printing email us
Custom Binding email us
Vehicle Promotions email us
PCIP Data Block $99
Vinyl Banner (with stand) $159
Car Door Magnet $29
Television Advertising Television Advertising
Independent Publisher Set Up $2499
Bookkeeping Set Up email us
Publicity/PR Coach email us
Legal Consultation email us
Indexing, Footnotes, and Citations email us