Our Advantage

Proven Publishing is different. Because we work with established corporate clients as well as aspiring authors, we don’t think of ourselves as a self-publishing company, and we’re certainly not a vanity press. What we do is different. We don’t sell packages with ambiguous services, promising “at least you’ll be published.” We don’t encourage our authors to pump out shoddy books with poor editing and cheap-looking covers. And we don’t push our clients into the marketplace without making sure they understand the market! Our goal is to give our clients clear results using our proven formulas and connections. Through our experience in the publishing industry, we’ve established a body of “best practices” that traditional publishers are struggling to duplicate.

We also have values at Proven Publishing. They’re well defined in our mission statement: “Our mission is to transform the publishing industry by providing the general public access to the highest standards of planning, design, print, and marketing, at affordable prices.”

That’s our mission, and we’re sticking to it. Unlike our competitors, we bundle our well-defined services together to SAVE our clients money. Through our comprehensive packages, we can offer our clients savings on services that would cost nearly double if purchased separately. Not only that, but we challenge you to do your own comparisons. Pound for pound, Proven Publishing offers more services and features than any of our competitors, and ALWAYS at a better price.

At Proven, we work tirelessly to ensure that our clients can produce high-quality books, and then market those books to become true authors (and speakers, consultants, show hosts, etc.), rather than simply being “published.” To do so, we’ve hired world-class graphic designers and editors with years of experience in the book industry. They make sure we can offer outstanding book covers and solid editing, along with 82 other services unmatched by our competitors (and the list is growing!). For more on Proven’s 84 services, along with the 8 FREE services we offer any new client, contact a Proven Representative for a free consultation

At Proven, we understand the needs of the average hard-working American. We know our clients don’t want to wait six months (or six years) to see their manuscript in print. So we employ a project timeline that gets results FAST. You’ll know where your book is throughout the process, and many of our books can be published within 30 days! Of course, we want your book to be a QUALITY publication, so if your manuscript needs editing, we’ll tell you. And we’ll make sure it gets done. To make it easy, all of our Publishing Packages offer some degree of FREE editing. See Our Packages for details. We also know that some of our clients have great ideas, but may not come to us with a completed manuscript. So we offer author coaching, ghostwriting, and our exclusive Publish-by-Phone™ process, which makes writing your book as easy as talking on the phone.

Trust us, we’re good. No matter where you’re at in your process, we can help get you from concept to completion. And once your book is published, we offer a full range of marketing services to make sure you don’t just “have” a book, but that you actually SELL books. Our marketing consultants will do more than send out a press release about your book. They’ll show you exactly what it will take for you to get your book into book clubs, promote it to strangers, and even use it to launch your speaking career. We’re here to make publishing success accessible. Tell us how we can help you!